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What are best practices for a Got.Law consultation?
What are best practices for a Got.Law consultation?
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  1. Login to the video chat session several minutes before your scheduled meeting time.

  2. If a consultation is scheduled during your customized availability period, it’s expected that you will be on the call at the appointed time. If you are consistently missing appointments or arriving late, you will be subject to removal from the platform.*

  3. When you video chat with clients, they can see everything behind your computer. If there is anything that a client might interpret as offensive, please remove it from the field of view.

  4. Most importantly, be you! Authenticity is the and let us know of anyways you think we can improve your experience!

*We understand things come up… Should you have to cancel or reschedule a meeting, we expect you to notify the client at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time. If you need to reschedule, follow our instructions for how to reschedule.

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