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How can I see the best results using the Got.Law platform?
How can I see the best results using the Got.Law platform?
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  1. Regularly update your calendar.

  2. Make yourself available for a couple hours on the weekends to attract clients who don't want to wait until Monday to get moving on their case. **not required**

  3. Make sure your office admin is set up to receive calendar update notifications to avoid double booking a timeslot.

  4. Make your office video friendly

  5. Place awards and recognition on your wall where it is visible during video call.

  6. Avoid heavily backlit areas. The client wants to see you!

  7. If you like to draw processes out to demonstrate for your clients, consider purchasing a small white board that you can hold up for the client to view. If you have a whiteboard in your office, it may be easier to simply change the direction the screen is facing.

  8. Be an ACTIVE user. The more input you give us as we grow together, the better the end result will be for you. Do not ever feel that your individual opinion is not valuable and can have no impact. This could not be further from the truth. Chances are that there are others using the platform who feel the same way as you!

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